The Level4Suit™ - A Unique and Efficient 2-Piece Design                                        

Level 4 ebola and other biological protection for health care workers.

Never has the application of personal biosafety clothing been so simple...

Consisting of two pieces, this biosafety equipment allows the doctor or nurse to put on the lower, bib overall type garment, load up necessary equipment (like water bottle, phone, tablet, stethoscope, gloves, eye protection, mask, and more), then don the the upper unit and reorganize the equipment using built in pouches of the ventilated top piece to efficiently work with the patient.  

The healthcare worker can suit up without the assistance of a second person.

The top portion includes:

  • Large spacious area that does not cling to a person's skin and allows freedom to move unrestricted
  • A full width clear vision shield from the waist up (not scary)
  • An air blower to pipe in filtered air into the suit
  • Oversized arm sleeves that allow the arms to be withdrawn into the chest area within the suit.
  • The person wearing the suit can access things like a water bottle, cell phone or electronic device for data, without any contamination risk. 
  • A reversed "drip" sleeve is attached at the bottom edge back up to the chest area which automatically positions itself when the top put on (This is similar to a snow sleeve inside a ski coat that prevents snow from entering into the chest area.)
  • Has shoulder braces to support the top portion as well as maintain proper facial setback from the shield for comfort
The lower portion consists of pants that are tailored like bib overalls from the chest down and include enclosed booties.  There is an adjustable, semi-rigid belt that can be expanded into a large diameter that allows the pants to be removed "inside out" when dropped to the floor.
Removal of the Suit requires no additional help or assistance.