The Level4Suit™ - Cool and Comfortable, even in hot climates...

Level 4 ebola and other biological protection for health care workers. The Level4Suit is a comfortable, ventilated, two-component suit consisting of an upper component and lower component.

Our Nurses are at the very heart of patient care and are at high risk for Ebola contamination when tending to infected patients.  There are multiple reports of the danger of Ebola self-contamination and extreme discomfort experienced by health care workers wearing the current CDC approved suits.  
One report, published in Bloomberg:

 ‘Inside the eight-piece protective suits worn by doctors on the front lines of the Ebola outbreak, the temperature reaches at least 115 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the most dangerous moments on the job is going through the 12 steps to take the suit off, which can take 30 minutes.1

The Upper component design includes a spacious interior so that the suit does not cling to the healthcare worker’s skin.  The ability to access a water bottle while in this suit is key to keep the healthcare worker hydrated!  As an added comfort feature, this suit has a built in blower powered by a small battery pack will provide Hepa filtered air for 5-6 hours.  Shoulder braces support the top component on the Wearer's shoulders, while maintaining proper facial setback from the shield for comfort.

The Wearer's movement is unrestricted within the interior of the suit.  Oversized arm sleeves allow the wearer’s arms to be withdrawn into the chest area in the interior of the suit.

Within the interior of the suit, the wearer can access electronic data devices, a cell phone, or a water bottle without risk of self or equipment contamination.

1 Content source:  Bloomberg by Makiko Kitamura, Sep 23, 2014