Level 4 Ebola Bio Protective Suit, developed by Larry McMurray in Minnesota.A Letter from Larry McMurray

Inventor of the Level4Suit, an Ebola Bio Protective Suit


My goal is to make this protective suit available for all Ebola health care workers, working on dirt or tile floors!

Our U.S. Government is currently searching for innovation to fight Ebola and is called "The Grand Challenge" ( www.usaid.gov/grandchallenges/ebola )

I applied for this technology challenge on November 7th, 2014 but realized this approach was not the only method to expedite getting this suit into the hands of health care workers all over the globe.  So with that said, I am willing to listen to all options.

Larry McMurray, Inventor of the Level 4 Suit, protecting healthcare workers from the Ebola virus.The current CDC approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for caring for Ebola virus infection patients has major issues.

The Level4Suitthis is a common sense design with simple features that benefit both the healthcare worker and the patient.  These features include:

  • quick protection for healthcare workers, the Level4Suitis easy to put on and take off and, importantly, easily contained for safe disposal once removed, with little assistance.
  • self-cooling, to limit the health worker overheating.
  • promotes patient emotional well-being to reduce the psychological impact from disease isolation.
  • cost effective design to manufacture and has the possibility to be reusable.


We must make this a high priority to get our health care family protected and the spread of this disease controlled!  Can you help?  I would like to hear from you.  Please use the contact forum on this site.  I promise to do my best.  

Larry McMurray