Larry McMurray, Inventor

Larry McMurray was working on a hands free anti-riot police safety shield when he created the Level4Suit ™, a new protective Ebola suit for healthcare workers...

Here’s his story:

I come from a very modest background having grown up in the upper deserts of California with an electric generator as our source of power.   We lived five miles out of town on an abandoned chicken ranch; when the well broke, we hauled our own water. After high school, my aunt invited me to stay with them in Seattle and I took a job with the Teamsters.  When the Teamsters went on strike, I decided to take a course in mechanical engineering where I met a fatherly type professor, Dr. K. and I became hooked on engineering and physics.  Soon, I was designing fun stuff in my garage like a bicycle built for 4 and an automatic composting machine that I name the Rhino.  The Rhino weighed 1200 lbs!  Following school, I was honored to be the only student in my class offered a job with the Boeing Company as a tool designer which funded my entry into the world of entrepreneurship.

Flash forward about 20 years and I now own my own business in Minnesota where my varied background in tooling, building/testing prototypes and inventing new products has provided the perfect foundation for helping the less fortunate.   I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Africa and saw firsthand the struggle for basic necessities.  Their houses were one room and were made from mud bricks with a thatched roof.  I could relate to the childrens’ need to haul water from the villages back to their home.

Today, I am very passionate about creating new forms of housing in Africa and feel the road to accomplishing that goal could be funded by my ability to create new products to help others.   It was during a project that I had been working on to design a hands free anti-riot police safety shield that I saw a news story showing the risk of Ebola contamination healthcare workers were exposed to.   In the early protective suits, their necks were exposed!  Within a few days I had created the first prototype of the Level4Suit ™ to protect the wearer from head to toe and applied for a patent.  I need your help to get this product out and into the hands of our healthcare workers.   If you think you can help me expedite this, please visit my contact page.

Larry McMurray's Online Resume