Level 4 ebola and other biological protection for health care workers.

Level4Suit Bio Protective Suit Highlights

1. Has only two pieces to wear and does not require another person to help put them on.

2. The top portion's design has:
  • Large spacious area that does not cling to a person's skin and allows freedom to move unrestricted
  • A full width clear vision shield from the waist up (not scary)
  • An air blower to pipe in filtered air into the suit
  • Oversized arm sleeves that allow the arms to be withdrawn into the chest area within the suit.
  • The person wearing the suit can access things like a water bottle, cell phone or electronic device for data, without any contamination risk. 
  • A reversed "drip" sleeve is attached at the bottom edge back up to the chest area which automatically positions itself when the top put on (This is similar to a snow sleeve inside a ski coat that prevents snow from entering into the chest area.)
  • Has shoulder braces to support the top portion as well as maintain proper facial setback from the shield for comfort
3. The pants portion are tailored like bib overalls from the chest down and include enclosed booties.  There is an adjustable, semi-rigid belt that can be expanded into a large diameter that allows the pants to be removed "inside out" when dropped to the floor.
4  Removing the Suit does not require additional help.
The ability to access a water bottle while in this suit is key to keep from burning up!  There is a blower that a small battery pack will provide Hepa filtered air for 5-6 hours.  The suit is in a rough prototype state but the design is functional to demonstrate all the features with the exception of being made from a level 4 material and sealed.
Please note, this design could be utilized as a containment suit kept readily available at all clinics to isolate anyone walking and have symptoms of Ebola.  It is my understanding, the CDC recommends these type people be placed in an isolated room until appropriate containment is available.  It doesn't’t make sense if more than one person is walking in. This suit does not require a face mask and therefor the sick person could wear this and not chock on their own vomit.